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About Us

Starlight Capital Group comprises of a team of data scientists, trading analysts and signal processing experts who are actively involved in the designing of proprietary algorithms for arbitrage trading. Through the provision of liquidity and matching orders, we are able to increase market efficiency and connectivity of crypto markets, allowing us to profit from every individual transaction.

Established in 2012 by a team of like-minded individuals that were also a part of the founding team of Coinspot and Bittrex, we are now the investment community's trusted authority on digital currency investing.
“Based in Colorado, United States of America, Starlight Capital invests in the more technologically innovative aspects of Crypto-Arbitrage.”



We bridge the liquidity gap between supply and demand and make cryptocurrency trading accessible to all market participants.


We speed up market transactions by matching & Sourcing for Pricing from different platforms and eliminating any unfavourable delays.


By shortening the transaction time and narrowing the liquidity gaps between gateways, we are increasing market efficiency. We also calculate & formulate the best arbitrage pairs


ARES 2.0

We are the experts in Arbitrage: the simultaneous purchase and sale of a cryptocurrency to profit from a difference in the price between different exchanges. Our proprietary arbitrage algorithm system, ARES, is designed as a 24/7 “vacuum cleaner” that collects a profit every time a divergence occurs, regardless of a bull or bear market. Our trading solution executes symmetric trades in selected cryptocurrency and maximizes the dollar value of the fund.
What makes ARES truly unique is its ability to track and pool IP addresses and their transactions into a predictive model for the recognition of any major market shifts – before they even occur.


In the past, I've been confused with financial and technical lingos by advisors who don’t have my needs in mind. I am glad that Starlight Capital is able to lead me through my investment journey properly and more than willing to do a great job for their clients. Starlight Capital has the real commitment to provide excellent technical expertise and incredible customer service!

  • Jasmine Randler

    100% Satisfied Customer

Starlight Capital’s revolutionary ARES can execute any favourable trade with pinpoint accuracy. It is very stable and it has never failed me before!

  • Jerome Holyfield

    Senior Community Manager,Coinbase

Starlight Capital’s founding team is one of the most successful and professional cryptocurrency arbitrage trading team. They are widely trusted by the global Bitcoin and Ethereum community.

  • Wilbert Beningham

    Senior Programmer, IBM

We're Invested in Disruptive Technologies

Our team constantly seeks and executes opportunities and manage their associated risks. With a strong understanding on what is becoming the greatest financial revolution in the 21st century, we have helped both skeptics and believers realise incredible returns in the realm of cryptocurrency.

The Team

Sylvester Collins

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Before Starlight: Digital Technology in MNCs
Something about me: Guru in the area of MNCs and Start-Up Investments
Studied in: MSc in Mathematical Finance, Oxford University

Emily Miller

Head of Investor Relations

Before Starlight: Business technologist in IT industries
Something about me: Enjoys hiking in the summer, snowboarding in the winter
Studied in: MBA in Accounting and Finance, Golden Gate University

Nicolas Flint

Head of Digital and Programming

Before Starlight: Business technologist in IT industries
Something about me: Played the viola for 20 years and considers himself a know-it-all of Korean Culture.
Studied in: Master of Applied Finance and a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance from Geneva Business School

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